Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am now in the small, communist nation of Laos - in the town of Luang Prabang which is UNESCO World Heritage listed because it is so beautiful. Shortly you will be inundated with images of Luang Prabang, don't worry! Especially since I am fairly broke (I have about 20 cents left over after my bed and three cheapo meals a day) and photography will become my sole pursuit.

It's funny being broke in Laos, because everyone thinks I'm rich, which of course - I am (having the time and money to 'find myself' in South East Asia is more than these people could imagine), but I still can't afford the 10,000 kip to buy that bracelet sorry. 10,000 kip = $1.80

Anyway, first things first: how did I get here from Thailand? Usually not a particularly interesting question, as usually I travel by bus and buses are much the same the world over. However, on this occasion I travelled for two days on a slow boat down the Mekong river and that certainly was something memorable.

My first view over the Mekong to Laos from my room in Chiang Khong, Thailand:


water_apsara said...

Hey Leila! Wow!! You seem to be having a wonderful trip. Just been reading your blog for the first time and thought I should leave a note. Awesome blog by the way. Very entertaining! I totally enjoyed reading about your (sometimes) hilarious exploits into SEA!

water_apsara said...

btw, it's dakshini! whoops!

Leilana said...

Oh yay! Hi Dakshini. Are you still at the bookshop? Are you bursting to go travelling?

Thanks for your comment.