Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Time, or: Awesome Time

Here are some heart-warming photos of my tiny brother and me. He is actually not so tiny now - he is only three centimetres shorter than me. Haha. But what a difference those three centimetres make. As you can see, I am about three times as intelligent, mature and beautiful as him.

Here is our life: (I say our because I spend all day with him) playing Sims2 (we have a great neighbourhood, named after the Greek island Kykladen), making a Banoffee pie, doing the dishes for Mom and annoying the daylights out of each other. Lukas has a new game surrounding the television show Naruto and is boring me stupid talking about it. I made him listen to a fascinating paragraph in an academic journal about rural development.

Basically: <3 !!!

Watch out for: my cheesy write-up about my flight from Auckland to Dunedin, on which I cried about how beautiful New Zealand is, and an upcoming Blog which will chronicle the exciting lives of Lukas and Lila (me). I bet you cannot wait, judging by how diligent I have been with this blog. Ahem.

Much love! xxx