Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why My Blog Sucks: in bullet points

  • I am a naturally negative person: negativity doesn't sell as well as cuteness, talent, positivity or beauty.
  • My camera was stolen. I lack images.
  • I keep using my stolen camera as an excuse for sucking.
  • I still will after this, just so you know.
  • Hanoi has become 1. familiar. 2. annoying. 3. comfy. I forget what stuff is weird and interesting.
  • The stuff I do notice would lend itself better to being photographed.
  • Back to square 2.
  • I don't have any news, except: I am moving to Germany on the 27th of January. This year. In like three weeks. Weeee!!! (Had you there, thought this blog was just a big whine with no news).


Jenna said...

Reasons why i like your blog:
- It's all written in a fantastic Lei voice.
- Because you have not pictures I have to use my imagination - as do you when describing things.
- I am glad you keep writing even though you think it sucks.
- Blogs are cool.

I'm sure there is more...

Elizabiscuit said...

Dear Leilana,

Apparently I have been WAY behind on reading your blog, and this is why I did not know of your INCREDIBLY EXCITING NEWS previously.

AAH! I will come and visit you. I have already decided to actually start German lessons.

Also: I concur with Jenna.

-The Lei voice is awesome and delightful
-Things that suck and complaining about things is actually REALLY interesting when you can't go anywhere. ie: stuck in Wellington
- Lei is awesome in general.
- Lots of parts of travelling sucks, just most people pretend it doesn't a whole lot. So therefore you are just more truthful.

I would read your blog (um, apart from this part week for some unknown reason...) even if it was CONSTANT INTENSE COMPLAINING.

Hmm, perhaps that reply was a tad longer than the blog post merited?