Sunday, March 22, 2009

Personalised Trash/ Inspiration

I realise this particular blog post may across as extremely off-the-point, but it illustrates my current state of mind extremely well. To learn Spanish I bought a fashion magazine and I have been pouring over it with the devotion of a trappist monk - soon I will be able to describe this seasons giant shoes in Spanish pretty well - ¨Ooh zapatos muy grande, me gusta mucho!¨

Also, I have been generally listening to a lot of too cool, glamourous music, dancing with hot Colombians, and having dreams about University scholarships (I put this in the same category, don´t ask). Before coming to Colombia, I was choosing between this and a few other options which will remain nameless. The other options were more -off the path- and badass, but my corporate uncle told me that people have many sides of their characters and the idea is to find a balance between those sides - not to suffocate one with the other. And right now that is exactly what Colombia is for me - I get to travel and add to my CV blah blah, but I also live in a liberal, modern city with beautiful little boutiques and fashion weeks.

Anyway - this blog represents the best of pop culture, from my perspective. It´s only a small sampling of things I love, and not necessarily those I love the most. The Hermes ad is in this partly for nostalgia´s sake. With Yami and Ellie in BK I spent days trawling the Siam Paragon (basically an issue of Harpers Bazaar in real life) and at the time the Indian Winter line had just come out and there was a beautiful, billboard sized copy of that ad on the building. I think it´s the perfect image of pure luxury.

The Annie Leibovitz photograph of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss should need no justification.


Jenna said...
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Jenna said...

My favourites are Adrian Brody and snow lady x

Anthony said...

man that ardian brody shot reminds me of that hot italian guy i had a crush on at that cafe.

gigi said...

Yeah! I LOVE that Adrian Brody one too. Oooooooooo so dreamy. And then that Marilyn one, I was like woah, she looks exactly like me (ok, nothing like me but eh I still like the nail biting action).

Elizabiscuit said...

i like the oldschool ones the best. And Adrian Brody, man, what a big nose. And i like big noses.