Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh look! It's my boyfriend

By "my boyfriend" I am referring to that beautiful white magnolia tree, not the car, although I would probably date him too, if I wasn't so hopelessly devoted to this tree here.

I've been watching this tree with baited breath over the last few weeks waiting for the little green buds (pictured below) to open into magnificent flowers, so you can imagine my ridiculous joy when I strolled out of the outside bathrooms, broom in hand, to see the whole tree exploding it's beauty all over the place, bukake style.

I screamed "Oh my God! Hi!" and then looked around to make sure no one was there to observe me speaking to a tree. Once the coast was clear, I whispered sweet nothings I won't repeat here.

I've been fanatical about magnolias for some time, and last night my adorable teacher friend Kate came over bearing beautiful paintings of red pandas (of her own doing) and a block of green & blacks chocolate. Kate really knows what's good. Anyway, she told me an amazing story about people in China finding these ancient little ceramic pots with rice grains in them, and in amongst the rice was a seed - and the seed was for an ancient magnolia tree, like 1000 years old. This just happened recently. I couldn't find anything on it, but I did find this wikipedia page (ok, not very impressive), which confirms that my tree really is the fairest of them all (except two hotties I saw in Albert Park Auckland, which come first equal).

Also, this is the oldest Magnolia tree in Massachusetts.

Most impressively, there are magnolia trees in the precincts of Chinese temples (in China) estimated to be over 800 years old. (I can't really wrap my head around this fact, and would probably swoon and hyperventilate if I got to see one of these beauties IRL).

Here's my baby again:

Here he is just hangin' beside the conservatory. So pretty. xo

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