Sunday, November 14, 2010


So, I just had my last week in Dunedin where I got tearfull and embarrassing on numerous occasions, most noticeably crying into Lucinda's hair in Re:Fuel. Oh, the shame. I am supposed to a stoic German.

Anyway, another thing which made me feel slightly sick was leaving my beautiful, if messy, tower room in the Manor. Here are some leaving shots of my mayhem.

I don't do good-byes and usually prefer to slink out in anxiety-ridden weirdness, but instead, my beautiful friends threw me a farewell surprise. Check out the phallic straw below.

I also went diving out on the mole one last time and got to hang out with this local.

I finally got a photo of my favourite graffiti in Dunedin. I love it because, in Dunedin, I think it's kind of true. I was describing Dunedin to my American friend John and he said "God, your town sounds like a high school in the 1950s." Beautiful !

But despite all my tears and nostalgia, it's worth remembering where I truly live: right here, on the internet. And that is coming with me. xo !

p.s. Sorry for the lame quality of these photos, I am learning to use my budgo point+shoot marketed as 'suitable for tweens'.

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