Monday, December 20, 2010

Atlanta Bangkok

Every time I go to BKK I have an internal argument about which area to stay in, and thus, which hotel to stay in. A few things have happened recently which has put this argument to rest, namely:

  1. I stayed in Khaosan Road again (main backpacker ghetto) and realised that while it is convenient (kind of), it's also way too much like Castle Street in Dunedin - full of drunk kids in their early 20s. Fine. That's amusing, and if I really want to see it, I can still visit. But do I want to be wallowing in the middle of it anymore? No. Fun while it lasted Khaosan, I do still have a place for you in my heart - and especially for the adorable Thai teenagers who hang around looking superior. There are more of them every time!
  2. The beautiful sky-train system in Bangkok now goes to the airport! I'm sorry, what?! Yes, the TRAIN goes to the AIRPORT. i.e. omg. i.e. now it's only like 60 cents to get into town. i.e. I don't have to fluffle around with taxi drivers anymore. i.e. BEST NEWS EVER. This train goes into the centre of BKK and not the tourist ghetto (Khaosan).
  3. I returned to my old faithful hotel the Atlanta, beautifully situated on the fringe of the Sukhumvit area, right smack on the train system. I am obsessed with the Atlanta, see why here.
The pictures in this post just show the view from my room, above after I cleaned my lens and below, before - when the heat was allowed free reign. I love the Atlanta.
Sitting in the diner, I heard two old British/ Australian men and a gorgeous young Thai man discussing whether it is acceptable to read Shakespeare. I just HAD to butt in.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt, but my friend told me yesterday that reading Shakespeare should be illegal !"
The three men turned to me with amused/ perplexed expressions and begged me to defend this extreme viewpoint.
"Well, back in the day, hundreds of years ago, the actors were not even allowed to read the plays in their entireties. They were only given their own lines and the line directly before it, so that when they practiced they'd really have to respond and listen to the others."

Thank you Samuel for this extreme view and information, because it turns out they found my tidbit totally fascinating and it turns out they happen to be dear friends and long-term livers-in/ employees of the Atlanta hotel. Bless~!

Also, I went swimming alone in the pool after midnight, in the tropical heat, under these giant green palm like monstrosities and vines (Anthony, if you're reading: the plants have almost engulfed the pool since we were there!). Swimming under a star filled sky, fat moon and leaves as big as me, I realised, for once, that the exact moment in my life I wanted to be in was the one which was happening right then. For someone who lives perpetually in plans and the future, such a feeling is rare and treasured.

ex - oh - ex.

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