Saturday, February 5, 2011

In Which I have a Quiet Night

Last Thursday I was rather broke and also not much in the mood for going out, when this lovely Israeli couple from couchsurfing called me and asked me to meet them. I never say no to offers like this, because to do so would be shutting the universe and luck out of my life. Since I didn't want to drink much or go crazy, I took my camera for the walk. Above is my favourite street on the way from my house to my local bars (ten minutes walk max! amazing).

The event was a big Jerusalem grassroots festival thing, where they had all kinds of performances all over town. Below two hilarious Israeli performers imitate Nazis. Very well I might add. There were mixed reactions in the crowd. I can't say what my opinion is, as a lot of the dialogue was in Hebrew and for all I know I would have hated it. I did love the physical aspect of the comedy and also the parts where they spoke 'German' - it all reminded me of Charlie Chaplin's amazing rendition of Hitler in The Great Dictator.

A local band taking a moment between jumping around.

And, after one quiet drink and a nice conversation, my very early walk home. Below is my beautiful street, Hanevi'im - Hebrew for Prophet.

The gate to my home! Tea, internet and sleep time.

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