Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dunedin: Dark as ever

Sitting here in an old mental institute, in rural New Zealand, feels a long way from my previous post and further still from all the blog catching up I want to do. Today, the sun is shining brightly and my mother has taken it upon herself to rescue the local bee population from winter starvation and the house is alive with bees she's been feeding. Also, this morning I blearily wandered into the bathroom to be greeted by an adorable, panicked fantail crying and flying repeatedly into the mirror. If you read the link, or if you have any rudimentary knowledge of Maori mythology, you will know how creepy and ominous such a scene is to a New Zealander. (But also, extremely cute).

As for me, I started screaming "MOM MOM MOM"* and ran down the hall, "Mom I need your help right now." My mom stopped watching her bees for a moment, and ran back down the hall with me and we managed to usher the little bird outside, after it flew through half the house, thus dusting us with death.

*Yes, I am 26.

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