Friday, October 28, 2011

Steampunk Capital

Oamaru is the the self-proclaimed steampunk headquarters of New Zealand, although I've previously mostly associated it with the famous white Oamaru stone, good cheeses and petrol station stops on the way elsewhere. This is really embarrassing, but I had actually never stopped in the historic Victorian part of town before last week - and as a direct result of my ignorance, never thought of Oamaru as a particularly beautiful or interesting place. Boy was I wrong.

An exceptionally well-dressed and amiable local.

Then we stopped at Annie's Victorian Tea Rooms - a place which would have featured in my fantasies had I ever heard of it before. Just look at that menu! (and those prices)

An elderly woman played equally old music on the piano, without music sheets, and when she got up to leave everyone clapped quietly and thanked her. She didn't work there.

Above: one of the waiters. Below: the best scones of my life. Paradise: Annie's is your name.


RJF said...

YUM! I might have to introduce scones with cream and jam to my americans. Also, YOU are one of those people who have stared blankly at me when I suggest going for a drive to Oamaru. I'm so glad now you understand. There's a German bakery, and an opshop where the owner wears flares, has sideburns, and listens to Bowie on vinyl. <3

Liz Willoughby-Martin said...

I like that male waiter.

Alex said...

I also approve of the waiter. And the gatecrashing pianist