Thursday, January 5, 2012

St Bathans: secret garden slash apocalypse

Ever since my stay at the Vulcan Hotel, St Bathans, with two of my most charming friends (and, of course, I have the best friends in the world) my mind has been on a loop of "oh my gosh, I love St Bathans", "Isn't the Vulcan great?" and "Hey, remember St Bathans?"

Eleanor, Benjamin and I agreed that anyone present would find us extremely tedious with our constant stream of praise for the place, and that our trip away would not make a good travel story - as there was nothing to complain about. Even the tap water was delicious!

In any case, two of my favourite aesthetics are 'secret garden' and 'apocalypse moonscape.' Previously, I had never thought to combine the two - they seem paradoxical, and certainly not obviously complementary. Well, thanks for righting that wrong St Bathans.

Aaand here they are on the moon:

Other aesthetics I enjoy include: gold miners cottages, overgrown gardens, historic pubs, converted stables and a well-mixed gin and tonic. All of which were provided in droves by the good people of St Bathans (all four of them - seriously).

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