Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Cold I Forgot I had a Blog

Hello humans,

Since the last post in South-Bavaria so much has happened, but in another sense it feels like nothing much. I am back home in south, almost Antarctica, New Zealand. It's really cold, but I think I'm mostly thin-skinned because I bike/ walk everywhere and I refuse to wear sensible clothes. Wishlist: thick socks, merino, polyprops, scotch.

Maybe someone could make a dress out of thermal material! Just kidding, please don't, it sounds awful.

Things are quite sad. I mostly still think about Opa every day and feel filled with a loss I can't express. I feel spoilt, because he was 92 and people are supposed to feel grateful or something. Maybe that feeling will come with the maturity I'm supposed to be arriving at sometime. I mostly just feel sad, and robbed.

To compensate for being a sulky loser I have been learning poems off by heart and making new friends who add a sense of sparks and surprise to things. People forgive a lot of sulkiness if you buy them a drink and tell them a beautiful line.

Weirdly, I find this very life-affirming right now:

If you wanna charm the bonnet off your missus, go out and catch a firefly and stick him in a jar. 

From another (the swimming song):

I'm a self-destructive fool, I'm a self-destructive fool 

Much love yep.

Even you.


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RJF said...

Ginger wine, shortbread and some lewd rhymes would make my heart sparkle right now. xxx.