Sunday, July 27, 2014

Colonel Mustard visits imperial Ha Noi

I can't tell if this post is a love song to my dear friend Tobias (alias: Colonel Mustard) or to what appears to be the official colour of the Vietnamese state.

Either way, it is embarrassing. 

Looking dapper in the dapple

My favourite cafe is near my house on Yen Hoa (a lane which winds around grand old Tay Ho/ lake). The gentleman who runs it is pictured below, in the fatigues, with his vast and impressive stereo collection, from which he plays the greatest hits of the 20s, 30s and 40s. 

We also had the good fortune to luncheon with David McCaskey (I want to say 'esquire') at one of the best (and, incidentally, well known) pho places in Hanoi. Pho is usually served for breakfast and dinner, and not lunch, but no one tells us what to do. Also, David is a man who literally wears sock garters on a normal office day. Inspirational. 

Before Tobias arrived in Hanoi I described him to my local friends as 'Colonel Mustard' - given his dual qualities of wearing a lot of mustard coloured clothing and his general Colonel-like demeanor (this really came through on our rural island adventure, featured next). In any case, on this particular day he was wearing my favourite of his shirts so I made him stand in front of various government buildings/ the Presidential Palace. The end.

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