Monday, May 26, 2008

MORE FM - A Pleasure To Look At

This morning I had to rise at the ungodly hour of 6:40am to the tunes of Christian Rock (it gets me up in the morning). I had to attend a Retail Awards morning on behalf of UBS (yes, I did get paid and yes, there was free breakfast and no, there was No Champagne...).

The morning was awash with business types spouting such truisms as "Telling is not Selling!" and our "Our job is to make the customer want to purchase products."

I was hysterical from the irony.

Sitting across from us was a woman in some executive position at More Fm, local mainstream radio station, speakly WAY too loudly for 7am and gesticulating wildly every time someone won anything. She was making polite chit-chat with her neighbouring breakfaster about businesses and getting up early in the morning, when suddenly her face turns earnest and she says:

"Would you rather lose your sight, or your hearing? It's something I think about very often."

The other woman, clearly taken aback, murmured some polite answer pertaining to the fact she would rather lose her hearing.

More Fm lady replies thoughtfully and nods: "yes! I think so too, because seeing is ... pleasure."
Earnest, melancholic look.

Excuse me, but can't hearing also fall into the category of pleasure? And shouldn't an executive of a RADIO STATION understand this better than anyone?! Apparently not at More Fm (hardly surprising given their taste in music) where the people IN CHARGE cannot even imagine a world where listening to something (all their 'audience' can do) is not a potentially enjoyable activity.

I could have also entitled this blog "What is wrong with the mainstream music industry:"


Liz Biscuit said...


I am *so* amused.

Luci Mac said...

mmm, i'd rather not lose either. Like, keep both. And I figure, no-one's gonna give me a choice in the matter, and if anyone ever does intentionally blind/deafen me, there's a good chance they're gonna kill me too.

indeed. :)