Sunday, June 15, 2008

This boy knows the value of a good hairdresser!

His name is Pete, although I would rather call him Peter because it sounds more classic, and he studies contemporary rock music at Otago. He admits that his hair is heinously expensive, unsurprising as platinum is the most high maintenance thing to do with your hair. But maybe it's worth it when you get to look like the masculine version of a playboy bunny? (I mean this as a huge compliment, if there is any confusion..)

Not quite: "I want to go natural soon, I want people to know me for me - not just my hair"

NB: This is the first stranger I approached and asked to pose and I couldn't have picked a nicer person. Thanks Pete for dealing with my ridiculous requests and being so sweet about it!

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gigi said...

I like how he is both pretty but also very kind looking. He is very lucky.