Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nautical Girls: Pei and Jing

I was having a birthday lunch with my mother at Fleur's in Moeraki (my favourite restaurant within a 200km radius of Dunedin) when I noticed these two ridiculously cute, stunning girls across the room. I nervously psyched myself up to go and ask them to let me take their photos, Anthony egging me on, and when I did they were completely sweet.

Pei (to the left to the left) studies Japanese at Otago and Jing just finished her accounting degree. My favourite part was when I asked them if there was a special occasion (considering that Fleur's is over an hours drive from Dunedin and not very cheap) and they said
"No, we just thought it was a nice day for some seafood."

Note: Jing's beautiful scarf looks like a Hermes scarf, but isn't (she found it in Hong Kong... I cannot wait to get to Asia, continent of beautiful things, already). Also, I've never been able to work out how to wear a scarf well - now I know. Thanks Jing!

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Luci Mac said...

Ah! I know Jing!

She's friends with Rach Elder and Jamie Green. She's quite crazy and very fun. I went to her house once and chain smoked while she talked accounting. Good times!