Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh My Buddha!

I don't have a lot to say, but look at my photograph above to get an idea - just kidding, if you recall from the previous post, I don't HAVE a camera (I must seriously be the one tourist at Angkor Wat...) so I stole a picture off the internet. Alarmingly, this was the best I could find. Honestly, it looks much better in real.

In real. I went to Angkor Wat today!! In real.

To repeat something I already told Mom today: When I first arrived, I walked up to Angkor Wat and was like, wow, this is beautiful (unsurprising) but quite a lot smaller than everyone hyped it up to be. I mean, it was still HUGE, but not as huge as I had come to expect from a million and one anecdotes about it.

Anyway, I was walking around it, still quite mesmerized by it's detail and beauty, and then I walked out the backdoor. And saw a huge field, more temples and a long straight stone path. After walking for a while, I saw the real Angkor Wat and realised, with some hilarity (outloud laughing, by myself), that the building from before had merely been the entry gate to Angkor, not Angkor itself. As I got closer to the real Angkor Wat, I really surprised myself by bursting into happy, almost religious, tears (this happened more than once today) and gasping for breath at how blown away I was.

Architecture has never done that for me before.

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