Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was just chatting to my sister and she told me this strange anecdote from the other day, involving a late night phone-call and her boyfriend Vinnie.

The phone was ringing at 3am (!!) and Vinnie managed to get to it to pick it up.

The other voice, some German guy, said: "What's it like to be woken up by a German at 3am?"

Vinnie replied in a confused voice "It's ok..." and the German promptly hung up.

My immediate reaction was that perhaps it is a modern art project, where the reponses will be taped and played to people in a gallery. My sister said that other people speculated that it might be a German radio station playing international pranks - phone calls from Germany to New Zealand can be very cheap now, or maybe even just a New Zealand radio station.

What do you think?


gigi said...

cool!!! Once I picked up the phone and the person on the other end said "hi, how can i help you?" I was so confused. So then I thought I must have called them and said "I think I got the wrong number. They said "that's ok". Then when I hung up I was like: wait a minute, they called me.
Ah the telephone! It has such potential to be used to confuse.

Jenna said...

i hope it is art!