Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And finally.... My House in Pictures!

Well, here is my house: the lovely, blue number 38. I live in a maze of alleys, pretty hilarious to navigate late at night with barking dogs everywhere - I always tend to end up pretty lost and scared. But I really like the alleys, since there are usually always people in them and it's kind of Alice in Wonderland-ish to run around them.

Below we have our lovely Living Room, with: you may note, an alter on the wall. We think this is to honour our ancestors. Any Vietnamese house worth it's salt has an alter.

The Bathroom: handily hidden away under the stairs. A Very Authentic bathroom, in it's smallness. And below I have the Kitchen/ Dining plus a camera shy flatmate, Dave.

My bedroom! Yay:

And finally, our wonderful roof, which I plan to use for day-time beer drinking, not just drying clothes.

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Zeb said...

Don't forget to air the mattress if it's on thefloor like that, or it'll mould.
Only a mother would make a comment like that!metsur