Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm moving in with ... Jimmy Kimmel!

Iroronically, on the very same day I posted the previous post, finally admitting that I, in fact, lived at the guest house - the guest house informed me I would have to move, as they had family friends coming and need the space. I could move to their second guest house. I felt like bursting into childish tears - but I don't like the second guest house!

I was trying to think of ways around it, and other guest houses which could offer me cable television (this is key) and a largish space for $8/ night, when I ran into my friend Dave and went out to have dinner with him. As usual, I whined to him, this time about my housing dilemma. He said, well you can always come stay at my place?

It transpired that he has a spare room, which he can rent to me for MUCH less than I'm paying now, and his house rules. I really like it. We are the only whiteys in the neighbourhood, so I get to experience celebrity-dom without needing to have a talent, much like the Paris Hilton of Hanoi.

The best part is: Jimmy Kimmel, I mean - Dave. My new roomie, Dave from Denver, looks, acts and jokes exactly like the TV host Jimmy Kimmel.
I said to him, "Hey, have you ever seen Jimmy Kimmel?"
He replied: "He's a handsome guy isn't he?"

Turns out, he has been stopped many times in the states by people who think he's Jimmy Kimmel. In fact, it happened so often he took to letting them believe he was. HA!!

Also, he has cable TV, and a dvd player.

p.s. To any overly eager beavers, and especially nice friends, who rushed right to the post office after my previous blog to send me mail - do not despair! I am very good friends with Lee, who works at the guest house and will get any mail which arrives for me.


Anthony said...

so what will your address beeeeeee then?!

Zeb said...

I want this to work ...leaving a comment.
Shal I write to Lei c.o. Jimmy Kimmel, hanoi, Vietmnam, that should do, right?

Zeb said...

Ok, the first time I actually manage to post a comment it is littered in spelling mistakes, I did not think it would work anyhow, and my username is not the one I thought I had. Man, I'm such a technology dud.
Half the time I can't decipher those scrambled things, too dumb for that. So , poste restante with Jimmy Kimmel,right? temberme (that's meant to go below, he scramble word)