Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cute Factor Ten

Earlier today I had the emo thought that no matter where I am in the world I am always going to miss people, because my favourite people are very dispersed geographically. I even started making a little list in my mind of people I miss (if you're not in the room with me right now you are probably on that list).

However, in exceptionally happy news, a lot of people I was missing like crazy do happen to live in this fine little city called Dunedin, and one of the people I pined for pretty consistently during my travels is the beautiful and talented Lucy McConnon. Heart !

The other day we had a dream date which involved : going to the SPCA and playing with kittens, for hours. As I naturally find kittens adorable this would be awesome in any scenario, but the fact that Lucy is also a very winning example of cuteness added to this to make it so cute it almost makes you puke. After viewing this blog it is recommended you read about war or something, because this is disgusting.


The above picture is out of focus, badly-framed and just awful (I took it) but OMG, LOOK at her little strut.

This little tiger photo above is taken by Lucy.


gigi said...

Can I come too one day?? I like the look of it. A lot.

Anthony said...


Kitty Stampede said...

eeeeeeeee....too much cute.I used to volunteer at a cat animal shelter and they little cuties just crawl all over's heaven. you cannot be upset when you are surrounded by kittens, I don't care who you are. very sweet.