Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mansion Morning

In a mad fit of Sunday Night Insomnia (I always get restless when it's supposed to be time to rest) I am awake at 2:30 a.m. chatting to a British friend in a normal time zone and thinking about how hideously urgent it is to update my blog.

Earlier this evening I went for the most beautiful drive with gorgeous Jenna, I didn't bring a camera, but she did, and besides: I'm only telling you to show off about the glorious nature of my life. Even on this Sunday.

In reference to these photos, I live in a historical mansion which I care for on a few evenings. My favourite part of the job, strangely enough, is waking up early and unlocking all the doors and gates and warning the ghosts that the living humans will be arriving soon. On this one morning, when the photos were taken, the sun was shining into all the grounds on this spectacular angle and the crispness almost hurt.

I am so honeymooning.

Coming up: Kittens and Lucinda McConnon - The Cute Off.

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Elizabiscuit said...

"I live in a historical mansion which I care for on a few evenings" Oh that made my morning quite a lot better...