Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Do Something Practical: the Inaugural Edition


Two days ago I moved into my new place, in the former Ethiopian embassy, and promptly got a ghastly cold, was bed-ridden, didn't unpack and slept for more hours than is decent - on my mattress on the floor. Terrible first impression sealed, I got well and decided that I really don't want to be living on a mattress on the floor. I've done it before, and it was fine, but also kind of cold, dusty and disgusting.

I was walking home from the Mahane Yehuda Market, also known as: the best place on earth, when I noticed those wooden crate things outside a hardware store. I went in and conversed with two girls who could barely speak English, and described the crates in the question, and they, realising what I wanted, laughed and said "just take them!" Beaming, I strode outside.

Not so beaming, I walked them, first one, then two at once (this was almost impossible), then one again, the ten minute walk to my house. Ten minutes isn't long, but it is much longer with a giant wooden thing, excruciatingly pained hands and weird looks from every passer-by. On my final mission, a cute Jewish boy, who was unfortunately also sleazy, offered me a ride in his van. Usually, I would say no to such an 'offer', but I wasn't in the mood to care and said yes, and regaled him with tales of my non-existant live-in boyfriend, while he literally made kissy faces at me. The fact he actually believed my boyfriend story is quite remarkable - what kind of a shit boyfriend would send his girlfriend out to get some wooden crates and not help? Certainly not anyone I'd date.

Make-shift bed base, make-shift wardrobe.

Ok, now I'm home <3 xox


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So House & Garden. xoxo

Elizabiscuit said...

Woo a Jerusalem post! Beautiful and practical. The perfect combination.

vincent carrot said...

Can i see a close up of those shelves? I'm very nosey and can't quite make out what shoes and items live there.