Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Overcoming Neurosis: Final Taipei Retrospective

In Taipei there is a famous, concept Restaurant which is toilet themed; the food is served in toilet-shaped receptacles, you sit on toilet seats (with lids thankfully!) and you eat off a glass surface on a bathtub, full of comments from previous patrons. One of the comments said: "just a gimmick!". I certainly see where the writer was coming from, and agree, but in my particular case there was a bit more weight behind it, or potential to be life changing in some (extremely inane) way.

Those who know me (all my readers) will know I absolutely loathe toilet humour. Worse, I loathe mentions of bodily fluids, unless (very rare event) the mention is either extremely medically serious, in which case I put aside my revulsion, or extremely funny. Only my dearest friends, and those who are usually very proper, know how to make anything toilet related funny. Anything along the Austin Powers vein: certainly not. It's become so bad that one of my darling friends has taken to introducing me as "this is Lei. She was with a guy for over two years and she wouldn't even pee in the same room as him! Crazy, right?!" Frankly, I don't know why anyone would want to.

Long story short, it was with considerable trepidation I went up the stairs of this toilet themed establishment, and I muttered to Samuel: "you know, this is like, kind of a big deal for me" and he rolled his eyes, and said, as he says to everything, "IIII knooooww".

As you can see, any awkwardness quickly degenerated into a "matzav kapit"; a Hebrew expression which literally translated means 'teaspoon situation' and means those times when you're in such hysterics even a teaspoon seems unbearably funny. Or in this case, a prawn. First it was talking French, a la Pierre, but then it's nationality and gender changed and we named her Margaret Thatcher.

Next: dessert!

And Samuel realises what he's done...

Finally, as this is my last rant about how weird and wonderful Taipei is, I thought I'd include this photo of this old lady, in the middle of a shopping square, with a pram (but no baby), singing really badly and loudly, with a giant shoe in the background. Not a particularly unusual sight in Taiwan.

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