Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trang weekend food market

Trang is the epitome of a 'station town', in the best possible way. In the South of Thailand, Trang is a stop-over point for many western backpackers on their way to somewhere else (islands, like Koh Muk where I had just spent a glorious week) and a refueling point for locals who live in rural areas or islands and need to buy more supplies. In any case, all this conglomerating of people makes for one rightly famous and vibrant food market; a place where dreams are made for a food dork like me. 

Here's a small sampling of the delights centred around the pretty old train station on your average Friday or Saturday night in Trang. 

Dragon-fruit (pink skin, white flesh with black seeds) has the best aesthetic

Tiny eggs

Fluro sweets

Angry birds sushi

Western fare: burgers like your dad makes them (if your dad isn't very good at it...)

Self-shaken ice pops (15 minutes of shaking by hand)

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