Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In chronological order: Sydney

To be honest, I was expecting my 6 hours in Sydney to be a boring waiting period before the real fun began - Bangkok! As often happens, this did not go to plan. While my first night in Bangkok was AWFUL, my day in Sydney was absolutely glorious and one of the nicer days of my life.

In my brief time there I managed to stroll through the Museum of Contemporary Art which was housing an exhibit on protest art (awesome!) and an entire floor of amazing digital art and video art. I thought a lot about lovely Jenna and the kinds of cool company she finds herself in (conceptually I mean, I'm not calling myself cool).

After my compulsory dose of High Culture, I headed for the more mass produced work of Paddy's Market. For anyone who hasn't been, this is a sprawling market housed in a brick industrial building where you can buy pretty much anything from organic chinese cabbage to oversize (and I mean oversize) calculators. I felt like I had already landed in Asia:

But no, there was still a distinctly Australian feel:

More on Sydney coming up! (for those not -in the know- it does not take four days to travel to Sydney, I am in fact in Chiang Mai now, but I thought I'd use this stationary month to gradually post things as I find the time/ inclination).

Question: If you could have any one of the undies/ soft toys/ dinosaur model things - which one would you choose? (you may want to click on the image for close-up detail to help with this important decision).


gigi said...

I would get:
1. The ANIMAKF undies.
2. The Badtz-Maru soft toy.
3. The parasaurolophus skeleton.

I've been to paddy's I love it!
I guess that's not too surprising.
Hope you're having a lovely time.

Anthony said...

I'd get the "love"-pant(ie)s.


Johanna said...


Vinnie would wear the Black polka dotted butterfly ones and Hana would wear the Little Girls with Sunday Hats ones...

Vinnie would have the Winnie the Pooh double-pillow and Hana would have the pink Hello Kitty (The one next to Vinnie's.)

Vinnie definitly have the psycho looking Rooster skeleton cause just look at it's eyes!! And Hana would have the Black Squirrel and look at the penguins eye haha