Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Night train

So, roughly 4 weeks ago I got the night train from Bangkok - Chiang Mai. This is probably the last installment in my "retrospective" theme and from now on I should be on target, since I have done nothing but grammar exercises for the last month and I doubt any of you want to see photos of them.

The photo above is very blurry (it was dark and I had nothing to keep my camera still on and I was in a vibrating train - in my defense) but I just loved the colours of the ladies' dresses. Hopefully the awesomeness of that is still clear, even through the blur.

Below is my fabulous train dinner, which was especially made vegetarian for me by my delightful waitress. It certainly isn't anywhere near the best food I have had in Thailand, but it was large, filling and fine and cost me a cool $4. The beer was an extra $3, was huge and was necessary to sleep (the train seemed to be salsa dancing all night long).

I departed at 7:35 pm and arrived at about 10am in the morning in Chiang Mai. As the sun came up, I stood in a "between carriages" part and watched the landscape roll by as we ascended into the foothills of the Himalayas.

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Anthony said...

hehe what a cute dinner!