Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kolkata (part one)

Cookie Factory fire

Workers out the back of a temple

These are photos from about two months ago, but since the internet connectivity in my village was minimal I haven't done a thing with them. Here they are now. I say 'part one' in the title, 'cos I'm returning to that glorious city shortly. I get that people don't like Kolkata and more power to them, but I am in love (and not like how I'm 'in love with everywhere', but a very specific and fierce love which will last my lifetime).

The only Buddhist temple in Kolkata, under renovation

College Street - a street dominated by bookshops

The oldest bookshop in Kolkata

In the same building - The Indian Coffee House Kolkata - presided over by Tagore

Upstairs table

What would you have? I had eggs with tomato and coffee, of course


You better have some strong opinions at the NANDAN Film Centre!

KFC's vegetarian options

My Vege Zinger burger - second only to the Willowbank vege burger
NB: In Kolkata, the KFC I frequented was staffed entirely by hearing impaired people, who used a specially designed menu board to point and ask me which option I wanted. And the vegetarian food was incredible (trash, but just right trash, you know?) KFC = pinko heaven? Who'd guess?!

Here is a cheesy video showing how it's done.

The Indian Museum

Indians crowding around the 'snakes' display and discussing which they have seen


The fashions of India, done by state on Barbie-size models

My dream house

Or this! (Karo cutting a figure in her red sari in front of the Marble Palace)

On the train

From the land of tigers back up to the land of Rhinos

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