Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ravangla: Sikkim

We managed to drag ourselves away from the calm oasis of Gangtok and endured a terrifying three hour jeep trip to the mountain village of Ravangla. Like many places in India (and, indeed, in Asia in general) Ravangla/ Rabongla has alternate English spellings and the local 'best' restaurant follows in this style by having it's name as 'Kookie' on the menu and 'Kookay' on the signs. I have to wonder if it's deliberate. 

Ravangla town  isn't what you'd call especially beautiful, but it's comparatively quiet and the views on a clear day are really nice. As for the cold, foggy evenings, it was just the kind of weirdo David Lynch aesthetic I enjoy. It was seriously cold though.

'Kookay' Restaurant and '10zing Hotel' (our home)

Back in daylight and Ravangla is a charming, bright little town. With a fantastic Rabbit rubbish bin I want in my future kitchen. 

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