Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sexy Temple

Well I sure felt like an old English memsahib yesterday when touring the (in)famous sun temple in Konark, Orissa. While Indian families, including children, milled about me and my guide Sankar calmly described the sexually explicit carvings to me, I was shocked. At one point I even said "Goodness Sankar! You don't need to explain, I can see" and he said "Sorry, sorry", and backed off;  he realised I was thoroughly embarrassed to be witnessing 750 year old pornography 
with a strange man at my side. 

In any case, some emperor built this ridiculous temple 750 years ago to celebrate his victory over the Muslims, and to encourage the birth-rate to increase (as many people had died during the war).
Basically, this temple is an architectural aphrodisiac. NSFW.

A dancer who pees every time it rains

Two guys, one girl

Two girls, one guy (she waits her turn apparently - according to Sankar)

The prayer building (the big one pictured above) is surrounded by twenty-four giant wheels (the hours) and is 'pulled' by seven horses (the days). One side represents day and one side represents night. Initially, the 'main' building was behind the prayer building and was twice as high, 
but it was destroyed hundreds of years ago. 

A day in the life of a warrior babe 

Two men

A man punishes his wife for adultery by cutting her hair off -
a severe punishment usually leading to suicide


Two women

Three women

Some new stones where the temple was falling apart.
Looks like hilariously ineffective censorship.

Looking at the carvings (beautiful saris as always)

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