Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Koh Mak (and puppies!)

Koh inThai means: Island, and Mak means: super cute. No, I don't know what Mak means, but it should mean cute, because look at it. Also, it's tiny and pretty deserted (even by locals). Maybe one of the more surreal places I've been. It's in South Eastern Thailand, near the more famous (and much bigger) Koh Chang, but Koh Chang has faced a lot of development in the last ten years and Koh Mak is still pretty basic so I chose Koh Mak. I feel like I did the right thing.

Below, to the left, you will see my bungalow, where I had: my own hammock, two deck chairs, my own bathroom, a huge wooden room - all for: $10. Because it's low season and there were only two people in the whole resort. Me and the guy you can see in the picture. Three Austrians also turned up and -get this- they were the first nice Austrians I have ever met in my life! Don't worry, I didn't tell them.

Carrying on, we have some very badly taken photos of PUPPIES. It might seem like I'm becoming nuts about dogs, but this is not true, I'm not even a dog person - ask anyone (especially Anthony, he knows). But maybe these ones are quite nice, even if you can see my finger in the photo and it's out of focus! (Puppies mess with my mind)

And finally, above we have the coolest one of them all - the lovely, calm, patient Mom. This is also a shout-out to MY Mom who has made this entire trip (including these puppy photos) possible and who once again, for the 100.000th time in her life, has bailed me out of my stupid situation. I hope one day I can bail her out of at least one stupid situation so my karma isn't so out of whack. I love you Mom, and thank-you thank-you thank-you.

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