Tuesday, September 2, 2008


On Sunday I went to the infamous anti-government protest/ sit-in at the government buildings in Bangkok. Here are some horrifying images of the kinds of "hooligans" wreaking untold havoc on the population on Bangkok.

The people in these photos have been peacefully protesting against the government for months - the problem is that their protest isn't democratic. The government has huge support in rural and uneducated groups (much like John Key back home) and would therefore probably be re-elected even if another polling was held.

Regardless, two nights ago, this group of peaceful protestors was violently attacked by pro-government groups using sticks and bats to beat them. One man was beaten to death, many more injured. The government itself has been urging restraint up until now, but the supporters took matters 'into their own hands' and now a state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok.

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Elizabiscuit said...

beautiful photos as ever Lei-Lei! The protesters look so happy.