Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The 'Real' Thailand (ok, Bangkok again)

After my last post, it seems important that I show the cheerier side of traveling. Well, sometimes, I'll be all hot and bothered, walking along the chaotic streets of Bangkok, sick of the tuk-tuk drivers, and suddenly - I'll see the above. She let us pat her, and she was the softest, cutest, happiest little thing I've ever come across. Happy you say, yeah right, how could she be? How can that be comfortable? I have no idea, but I'd be willing to bet $1000 I don't have that she really is happy. I've never met such a chirpy, satisfied little beast in all my life. And who wouldn't be, with those shoes!

Below I have a selection of party snaps, important, because pretty much all I did in Bangkok for two hazy weeks was sleep and party (thanks a lot Argentinian!). The final snap is of the motorbike helmets outside the protest, I think they look like candy.

I'm actually in Phnom Penh now, living in Ellie's beautiful inner-city apartment (there will be photos), but my camera has a virus and so I've just managed to get it working, so there will be some catching up to do. Next up: the tiny island of Ko Mak, uber-next up: Sihanoukville, and an explanation of my hatred for it.

P.S. I LOVE PHNOM PENH. (like, really really).

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Jenna said...

BAHA that dog is LOVING it!
you look lovely - are you wearing that Modern Miss dress?