Monday, September 8, 2008

News: Sometimes Travelling Sucks

This won't really be 'news' to most of you, but I thought for once I'd use my blog for it's traditional purpose - to whine. Most of the time, sure, great, I'm drinking too much, checking out new cities, generally doing the best possible thing one can do in their early to mid 20s (almost mid, jesus). In fact, my generally positive traveling outlook has received critical acclaim of the good and bad kind, with other travelers telling me "Oh yeah, but you're always optimistic" when I think some problem will sort itself out, or my friends saying "You love everywhere though!" when I say I love a place.

Well, here's a place I don't love: Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Bane of my life. I only spent one day there but it managed to burst my bubble in a big way. Now I'm in Phnom Penh and tomorrow morning I'll be fine for sure, but for now: I have no money left in my bank accounts (I do have enough cash, hopefully, to last me), I just paid $18 for a room because there was a power cut, a storm, I was slightly drunk and tired and I couldn't be bothered moving to a different, cheaper area right now. Now I feel insanely guilty, because I know I should be staying in a $3/ night place given my above financial situation. The tuktuk and moto drivers are bringing out a rage in me I didn't know I had, because everywhere I walk I hear the chirpy sounds of "tuktuk? hello lady! lady!! where you gooo?!" Oh jesus. I want to beat those guys up and give them a long lecture on the merits of WALKING in a new city, especially when undisturbed by tuktuk drivers I would SURELY approach myself if I needed a lift.



I'll probably delete this in a fit of shame tomorrow morning, so if you're 'lucky' enough to catch it before I do that, well, great. Thanks for being my friends, it's invaluable on nights like these (just knowing you exist).


Jenna said...

Oh man it must be whiny blog times - i like it!

miss you lei!

gigi said...

Hey well do you know what?? A package came to my house yesterday! From you (don't tell Liz yet cause I will give her portion to her tomorrow). It made me soooooooo happy!! So even though travelling sometimes sucks for you I really enjoyed my travelling gift. If only it wasn't so muddy - I could have worn them to school! I love you. X.

Elizabiscuit said...

What? Present? OMG exciting! I can't wait!

I still like hearing about the sucky times, so don't delete it. Love you!

Stuart Harwood said...

Ahhh boo, that sucks.. But now I'm really curious as to why you didn't like the place? Is it not like the "Cambodian" Satay Noodle Kingdom back in Dunedin?

Hope your better now