Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cobbler & Snowbells in Bavaria

Staying at Opa's is always a wonderful opportunity to utilise Oma's (rest her soul) fabulous kitchen, pictured above with Opa in the doorway. After seeing me with the camera he demanded I photograph him, which I was all too pleased to do. Maybe I am blinded by love, but he still reminds me of Humphrey Bogart.

Just as I was serving up apple and blueberry cobbler with bourbon vanilla icecream, my business uncle Christoph happened to turn up. This is the second time he has randomly appeared while I was serving something surprisingly delicious that I baked, and I love it, because it gives the mistaken impression that this is the kind of thing I do all the time.

Little brother Christoph to the Left and Burkhard (see previous blog) to the Right.

After stuffing ourselves with sugar and caffeine, Burkhard suggested I join him and an eco-colleague of some variety for a walk in some woods nearby, notable at this time of year for the flowering snowbells. After asking if I would be bored (answer: no), I happily said yes.

Then I took some silly photos of the top half of my, Burkhard's and his colleague's heads, in that order.


Jenna said...

It just looks so cosy!

renvintage said...

What an enchanting wood!