Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kadosh with Miri and Kristin

My number one favourite activity to do with friends is to wile away hours in cafes, ordering all kinds of trivial luxuries and gossiping, usually about romance. In Jerusalem, the perfect place for such a pursuit is Kadosh, a 41 year old cafe which serves everything from meals to the best cakes in Jerusalem.

Beautiful Kristin and Miri. Choosing time!

I win at ordering (I don't mean this in a competitive fashion, I just mean I order fantastic things habitually). This time: delightful cheesecake with cream and strawberries, and "apple cider" which in Jerusalem doesn't mean the alcoholic drink, but rather a hot spiced apple juice - at Kadosh they serve it with tiny bits of apple and a whole cinnamon stick. Swoon !

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