Monday, March 28, 2011

Winter missions in Munich

Being over-educated humanities graduates with no real direction, Samuel and I often ask ourselves, and each other: "Just what am I doing with my life?!"

At a pinch, the answer to this question is: finding Samuel's historical relatives. Why I've taken so passionately to this pursuit is anyone's guess, but Samuel's reasons are more obvious (lineage, history, narcissism).

With this life goal in mind, we caught the train to Munich, first to meet and eat with his charming Uncle who speaks about a million languages, scoffed at my inability to speak Spanish after four months in Colombia and charmed us with his stories of a recent trip to Madagascar.

Having met one of his living relatives, Samuel decided it was time to find an old building (now a library) which once belonged to his great-grandfather. Back in 2009, we took a 26 hour bus to the Caribbean coast of Colombia to find his living biological grandfather, so walking down the street to see the home of his long deceased great- grandfather seemed like an entirely natural step.

Of course, we got distracted on the way. First, by that gorgeous Church pictured above and below: St Lukas. Inside, prayers for Japan following the awful earthquake and tsunami.

Then by a riverside park, showing the first signs of impending spring.

Pierre and Samuel sharing a look over something I said.

Below: My Dream House !

We arrive at the library/ his great- grandfather's house.

Samuel with his great-grandfather.

Life goals being ticked off by the minute, we dance out into the streets of Munich with the taste of success and me singing inane songs about Paris (coming up). Samuel rolls his eyes so hard they almost fall out and murmurs: "how is this my life?!"

Exhausted, we fall into a Wirtschaft where I introduce him to Kaiserschmarrn (literally: Emperor's Nonsense, a pancake mishmash with apple sauce) and drink a hot GlΓΌhwein.

NB: Just now, from reading the wikipedia entry, I found out to my horror that Kaiserschmarrn is, in fact, an Austrian invention. Those who know me will know I am heinously and intractably prejudice against the Austrian nation, so this is forcing me to seriously reflect and reassess.

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