Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ticking off Life Dreams

This might sound awfully presumptuous, but one of my romantic notions before coming to the Holy Land (TM) was to get to know the leftist/ peace movement to the extent that I could visit one of these beautiful people in their homes for dinner. This wasn't a concrete goal so much as a day-dream, and, like 95% of my Israel-related day-dreams, it came fantastically true.

My lovely supervisor was leaving Israel, hilariously on the same day as me, and this was her going away dinner. A big deal, given she had spent four years living there. This event was held at Jeff Halper's house - founding member of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. I felt pretty spesh indeed. I asked Jeff if it was okay if I photograph his house, he laughed and said yes, and I warned "you'll have to forgive me, because I'm really going to go paparazzi crazy here."

Sitting around drinking (far too much) wine and listening to the conversation was quite wonderful. It was switching between Hebrew and English, but (contrary to popular misconception) I found people were very accommodating to the English speakers present.

Jeff's home was truly welcoming, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was entirely relaxed. I will really miss the people involved in the Israeli peace movement; they might be a minority, but they are a particularly charming, engaging and persistent bunch.

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