Monday, March 28, 2011

Weisswurst & Wald

Ok, I promise not all my blog posts will be about food & nature, and begin in my Oma's kitchen, but that picture of Samuel was just too much for me to casually toss aside. He wasn't even trying to be funny, if you can believe it. I barely can.

I may remember Samuel from: Colombia, England & Taiwan. Onto country four, Samuel bought a very cheap (40 euro) airfare from London to come and visit me at my Opa's house. This meant a great deal, as none of my friends have ever met my German family, who are too wonderful, charming and downright eccentric for me to really describe.

To celebrate Samuel's arrival into Bavaria, we made ourselves a uniquely Bavarian lunch. First up, the 'Weisswurst' (white sausages). Vegetarian friends please look away. Weisswurst is made of veal (eeek I know! ethics!) and is delicious. It is traditionally served before noon, but that's because people didn't use to have refrigerators. So we ate ours at 1p.m. and didn't even die. It is cooked for ten minutes in boiled water which has been taken off the heat, so they don't burst. If they burst, you totally ruined it. Below: 'cooking' (more like heating) our Weisswurst.

Another classic: potato salad. Yes, I bought it and even photographed my own laziness. Below: amazing Bier from a nearby monastery/ brewery. If we were being really Bavarian we would have had Weissbier, but I reckon Andechs Bier, since 1455 or whenever, is authentic enough.

You need to buy a special 'sweet' Munich mustard to eat Weisswurst with.

And of COURSE: Brezel!

Woohoo! Amazing success below: (note the Bavarian FLAG on one of the glasses, we don't do things by half in this household).

After all that high-calorie nonsense, we decided to take a walk in the woods. Squint and you can see the Alps in the background. Note my fabulous Bavarian coat, and Samuel's not very Bavarian socks. Heart !

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