Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Own Attenborough

Whenever I go back 'home' to south Bavaria, one of the best activities is going on walks with my uncle Burkhard, whose job, passion and interest lies in protecting the eco-systems around here, with a particular emphasis on the lives of birds around the lake. Above, Burkhard in his office. Below, in his real office.

Below: some locals who innocently asked a question and happily found themselves on an intensive tour.

One of them asked Burkhard how ecologically important a piece of shore is; about 30metres long, near his town and currently being discussed as a place for a 'beach'.

Burkhard replied: "Well, about as important as two screws in an aeroplane. The plane will still fly, but if you take too many out, well ... "

Below: late-afternoon in a farming area. Using up the rest of the day.

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Alex said...

Excellent airplane analogy... and great photos