Thursday, March 10, 2011

HaCassetta has a Birthday

As I've mentioned before, Jerusalem is not a city known for it's nightlife - nearby Tel Aviv well and truly takes that prize. In saying that, perhaps coming from such a small town my bar is quite low, but I found the nightlife that did exist particularly charming and warm. It isn't hard to feel like everyone knows your name here.

One block in particular has the uber-trendy Uganda, named after the alternative state option for Israel and sister bars HaTaklit (the record) and HaCassetta (the cassette). There are rumours that HaIpod is on the way! This block was conveniently a 5 minute drunken stumble from my apartment and my flatmates would joke that HaTaklit is essentially "the lounge", as we didn't have one. This was particularly true one wonderful evening when they were put in charge of the music; they called the night "Wednesday I'm in Love" and played everything from 80s hits to Dolly Parton to Dizzie Rascal. Swoon!

While Hataklit is a large-ish, sports bar-ish area with photographs of famous visitors on the wall, including one of Rufus Wainwright which I regularly swoon at, HaCassetta is more like a little underground cave, as you can try to see above in my terrible photograph. All of these photos will be terrible, as I was rawther intoxicated. To see the famous doors covered in cassettes taken by someone who knew how to focus a camera, click here.

In any case, it's a wonderful place; everyone always talks to each other, the bar staff will happily play an entire Modern Lovers album on the stereo and the beer is cheap. And it was turning two!

Pictures of people I harassed below: Ishai (bar tender/ music chooser), Max (German student who hooked me up with contacts in Munich who will apparently feed me!), lovely art student (didn't catch his name) and the last photo is of long-suffering Inon (bartender/ music chooser) trying to do his job while I drunkenly pester him. Shame face.

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